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Too Cool To Be True!

It was a cold winter afternoon, during the lunch break when she first saw it. The girl watched in horror as her classmate cut her chapatti using a fork and spoon and primly deposited it into her mouth. Little did the girl know that she had just witnessed a CNWI in action.

For those who don’t know, the ‘Cool’ New Western Indian (or CNWI) is an entire species in itself. Members of this species are easily available for observation. They live among Indians, sing the National Anthem even! But they’re anything but Indian. It isn’t hard to tell a CNWI and Indian apart. The main feature of CNWI is blind faith in anything that has got to do with the West. Mindless following!  A member of this species can be heard saying things like, “India’s economy is so underdeveloped!” and “Man, India’s so dirty!” That’s ironic considering that an average CNWI purchases only from non-Indian brands, though this does nothing to help India’s economy. Countries like U.S.A. get most of their labor done in Asian countries. Then they put a stamp on these finished goods and send them right back at double the price. CNWIs are not only at a loss but also exploit their own country’s economy by purchasing these goods. How then, can they ALSO complain about India’s economy?

Another fact is that countries like the U.S.A export their garbage to other countries for disposal. They do not have to deal with the problem of garbage disposal, nor do they have to deal with shortage of resources due to a controlled population. So naturally, their general tendency would be to use and throw. Now when a CNWI does the same, we can only imagine the consequences! As our grandparents say, “When a shirt was too faded to wear, we’d use it to mop the window and then the floors and we’d use it till we had no use for it anymore! It was a time when everyone was content.” Sadly, A CNWI tends to use and throw instead of recycle and reuse, because it believes that reusing would be ‘down-market’. In this way he/she not only uses up the scarce resources of an overpopulated country but also creates garbage with nowhere to dispose it! How then can India be a clean country? These are just a few instances of how a CNWI can be self contradictory. Right from common public behavior to their very lifestyle, the CNWIs sometimes act absurdly western irrespective of their surroundings.

Sure, we need to keep up with the rest of the world as a country but in the REAL sense. We need to pick up the RIGHT habits, the ones that suit us as nation and have some real positive outcome. Our country must develop but not just superficially. The answer lies in drawing inspiration and not just blindly imitating! We need to be Indians at heart and hold on to our identities. So far the growing population of supposedly ‘Cool’ Western Indians has been able to do nothing to change this nation for the better.

But maybe an intellectual Indian could!


An article by:
Nishita Mudliar

The Alchemist ~By Paulo Coelho

How many of you heard of the book “The Alchemist”? I heard a lot about the book in the many years before I actually bought it. In fact, it was a last minute decision when I finally decided to buy it. My flight was boarding and I had less than 10 minutes to spare. So I called one of my many ‘intellectual’ friends and made her make the decision for me. Let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions of my life.

The Alchemist is a novel written by Brazilian-born author Paulo Coelho and was first published in the 1988. It was originally written in Portuguese but since 1988, it has been translated into at least 61 languages and has sold more than 65 million copies worldwide. Continue Reading..

Saleh Mowla
An article by:
Saleh Mowla