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12 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes to Inspire You as an Investor

If there’s one person who has seen the greatest amount of dishonesty and corruption right under his nose, he’s none other than Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi is mentioned countless times in speeches by Indian politicians, whether the speech is related to economic growth or corporate governance.

This man’s biggest message to the world was that of morality as an important part of life, business, and of course politics. But he is the only one standing testimony to all immoral activities that happen in the highest corridors of power in the country.

Anyways, leaving that aside, I thought it would be a nice thing on Gandhi’s birthday to remind myself (and you) of the inspiration that he served through his teachings.

Here’s a collection of quotes – some of which show up in front of me daily on self-created bookmarks – that serve a great inspiration to me as an investor. I hope these might have some lessons for you as well.

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Vishal Khandelwal
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Vishal Khandelwal