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The emasculating effect of ahimsa (Part 4)

Bapu was much influenced by Jain philosophy and the life of Jesus Christ who was the ultimate pacifist. Much of Gandhi’s ascetic ways, including celibacy, could be traced back to Jain doctrines. His pacifism was a refection of Christ’s teaching who insisted on turning the other cheek. It had nothing to do with Hinduism even though Bapu always invoked Hindu symbols and spoke of establishing “Ram rajya”. At best, it only meant an ideal state. It had nothing to do with the Hindu way of life as such.

Oddly enough, it is the use of such expressions that made the elitist Jinnah, who was an agnostic at the time, become suspicious of Bapu. Pakistani historians have always claimed Bapu wanted to establish a Hindu rashtra and their “Quaid-e-azam” Mohammed Ali Jinnah created Pakistan as a safe haven for the Musalmans of the Indian subcontinent. Jinnah who was once the President of the Indian National Congress withdrew from this pan-India political outfit to head the blatantly sectarian Muslim League, which ultimately divided British India. “I detest the man’s methods”, Jinnah had said about Bapu’s satyagraha.  Continue Reading..

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