A more Vigorous You

It is rightly said, that do something today that your future self will thank you for. This holds true and fits perfectly in matters of health.

Another amazing quote goes like, “Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live”

Why become fit is a dilemma to most and is realised usually when your health departs from you. Don’t let that happen.

For busy businessmen and professionals, I have devised a 5 point schema that is simple & practical, here goes,

1. Pick a problem area & work on it.

Some people have back issues; others have stamina problems or any other ailment. Now you need to understand what your problem area is and work on it. For e.g. I might be prone to diabetes, therefore, I have marginally cut down on my rice and sweet intake. Prevention is better than cure at work here! Start with a particular behaviour that you’d like to change in order to have better control of your illness.

2. Get specific

Once you’ve identified a problem, state a specific goal for dealing with it. The more specific your goal is, the more likely you are to succeed. Be specific about what days of the week you’ll exercise and what times you’ll exercise on those days. Your new goal might be: “During my lunch hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I’m going to walk 1 mile in the park.”

We are used to setting SMART and other goals at work, but often fail to set such goals for our health. Do this and see the magic happen.

3. Do the exercise you enjoy

For e.g. I enjoy walking and therefore my motivation to walk is already there, what I need to do is find or rather make time for it. This becomes a whole lot easier and doable. Try it.

4. Have inspirations

Lately we saw stalwarts like Anil Ambani, Raghuram Rajan, our own Rajesh and Rohit uncle and others completing herculean marathons. They are true inspirations who find time and passionately train for such events with all fun galore. I used to think earlier, I’m 22, I really don’t need to care about my health now but later learnt that like everything in life, health too works on the cumulative principle. A person cannot be fit overnight or by a month of dieting and exercising. It’s a lifestyle for those who are actually fit, Akshay Kumar being the most apt example.

5. Avoid what you know is harmful

Soft drinks

Hard drinks

Too much red meat or any meat for instance

Oily food/fried food


We know that these are going to cause harm but still continue to relish them. Please be extremely moderate in their consumption.

Also, I recently read an article on why the Chinese last longer. Their average life expectancy is around 80. This is because they follow the 80% eating principle. They say, one should stop eating once he’s 80% full. This aids digestion and keeps the body agile. Of course, the Chinese also avoid all dairy products as they believe them to be unnecessary.

Further, I believe the Jain community follows one of the best health practises such as, avoiding spices, avoiding meat, not having food post sunset (as digestion requires sunlight and post sun set, the body’s power to digest reduces drastically) and many such amazing principles. (I’ll write an article on this and share it soon)

Many of the diseases considered hereditary such as diabetes and so on are actually lifestyle acquired. A person whose father had diabetes can easily circumvent the disease by following a better, healthier lifestyle. It’s simple when you break it down.

Now, after all this, what is the ROI on this right?

  • You’ll live longer, a corollary of which is you get to spend more healthy time with your family
  • You’ll thrive and not just survive
  • You’ll be able to do all the things that you’re planning to do or postponing to
  • Your medical costs will be down drastically
  • You’ll definitely be more empowered, confident and good looking
  • Given all the above, you’ll be able to contribute to your field with a much fitter mental health (Gulzar and Ram Jethmalani, legends in their fields have been playing badminton for an hour daily since the past 4-5 decades)

It’s simple. To stay on, you need to play on.

Remember habits are such that, first, we form them & then, they form us.

Happy Gesundeit!






Kunal Kamath Sarpal
An article by:
Kunal Kamath Sarpal
Kunal R. Sarpal, is a Practising Company Secretary, Founder Partner of White Collar Legal LLP. He speaks 6 languages, pursues Law and aspires to be a leading Jurist. Loves discussions & networking. There's a lot more to him & you can reach him on kunal.sarpal@gmail.com or connect with him on Linkedin/ Facebook/ Blog.

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