Animals in your library

If you love animals and books just the same and cannot decide which is better? Here is what you can pick.

  • The art of racing in the rain- Garth Stein

This book will walk you down the wonders and absurdities of human life as a dog sees it. This is the story of Enzo, a dog who is a philosopher, has educated himself by watching lots of TV, and listening to his master Denny Swift. Enzo learns that our life, like racing is not just about speed but by using techniques of the track one can make it through this labyrinth. On the eve of his death, Enzo’s life flashes before his eyes. He sees Denny fight against his in-laws for his daughter Zoe; after losing his wife. Enzo acts like a hero and holds the Swift family together. Enzo now hopes to be back as a man with compassion and become successful. This book is for those who want to be touched by human lives as seen by their dogs.

  • Pride of Baghdad- Brian K. Vaughan

Inspired by true events, this graphic novel traces the life on war torn streets of Iraq and questions the meaning of liberation through the experiences of four lions that escaped the Baghdad zoo during a raid.

  • The cat that made nothing something again- James D. Maxon

Cats, who mostly like to keep to themselves, are seen in a new picture here. Our feline hero saves a dry, unhappy town and its people devoid of joy and creativity. Who took away the life from this town? How can the cat get it back? Our cat overcomes obstacles with wit and determination, finds friends and learns the joy and power of helping others. We see cats from a new angle in this story and are taught about simple joys of life and some golden lessons.

  • Raven’s end- Ben Gad

Spiritual, philosophical, political, and beautifully written, Raven’s End is an exciting novel about the lives of ravens. Set in the Rocky Mountains this story is about the adventures of a young raven, Colin and his friends; Greta, the wise elder; lifelong nest mates Molly and Zack; spunky teenagers, Sarah and Brendan; and the two scoundrels, Dolus and Garth. Among them, Colin learns survival tactics- how to fight cold, evade hunters’ guns, and fly in hailstorms. After supper the ravens all join in the evening Flight, honing their flying skills with daredevil spins and dives. In this novel we find out that Colin has exceptional talents and intelligence and he contemplates his mortality. His bravery and leadership save him from trouble. But the question that remains is- Will Colin learn the truth about his origins?

  • Angel in a fur coat- Cynthia L. Enuton

Explore the world where angels live and are trained to be dogs on earth. This book is especially for the dog lovers who believe in angels in a fur coat. This books shares a story of how dogs choose their master by some unexplainable connection. This story is about Sparky, the angel dog who is marked, whether it’s a blessing or a curse will be revealed in the course of this story.

  • A cat called dog- Jen Vanston

Wagging his tail, sticking out his tongue and yapping like a puppy, these are the problems faced by dog, who is actually a cat. The pride of the cats is now at stake! George, an old ginger tom steps in to teach the confused kitten how to behave like a cat. The gang- Eric, François and Miss Fifi along with George commence teaching of the cat curriculum, lessons of holy trinity of felines- eat, sleep, wash. But things don’t go as smoothly as anticipated. Will Dog ever become a cat?

  • The life and opinions of Maf the dog and his friend Marilyn Monroe- Andrew O’Hagan

In November 1960, Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn Monroe a dog. His name was Maf. 

Maf had an instinct for politics, psychoanalysis, literature, interior decorations and everything 20th century. He was with his friend Marilyn for her last two years. Maf witnessed the rise of America’s new liberalism, civil rights and space race. Maf’s story is hilarious and complex with him being portrayed as a historic figure whose photographs were sold at auctions. Through his eyes we get an insight into the life of Marilyn Monroe and the extraordinary 20th century.

  • A dog’s purpose- W. Bruce Cameron

By the time you finish reading this book you might have a strong feeling that W. Bruce Cameron is a pen name used by a dog. This book is about a dog born four times called Toby, Bailey, Ellie and then Buddy. It is about a dog coming back to fulfill his goals and serve some purposes. It is written entirely from inside a dog’s head and will make you fall in love with the four legged masterminds, if you don’t love them yet. This book can be enjoyed not only because of its great plot but because of the style of writing and the way it stays true to its characters.

  • Don’t let the pigeon stay up late- Mo Willems

For anyone who has had to wrestle with kids into bed, this book is a must read. In the pigeon is captured the voice, mannerisms and bargaining tactics of children who refuse to go to bed on time. It is a story about a bus driver who is fighting tooth and nail to get his pigeon to bed. The pigeon on the other hand is giving him excuses that range from manipulative (I hear there’s a good show about birds on TV tonight. Should be very educational) to cajoling (Y’know, we never get to talk anymore. Tell me about your day) to classic (Can I have a glass of water?).

  • Come, thou tortoise- Jessica Grant

Winnifred is old. She might be three hundred. She came with the apartment…. I was alone in Portland and the trees were giant. I picked her up and she blinked at me with her upside-down eyelids. I felt instantly calm. Her eyes were soft brown. Her skin felt like an old elbow. I will build you a castle, I whispered. With a pool. And I was true to my word.

This story is about Audrey Flowers and Winnifred her tortoise. When Audrey finds out that her father has been knocked into coma in Newfoundland she goes to see him, despite her fear of flying and of dumping Winnifred with her unreliable friends. During her journey she realizes that there is something odd about her. Soon we know that Audrey’s quest to find her father and reunite with her dear Winnifred will be a one of a kind adventure.


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