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The crispier the title of this article sounds, more exhilarating has been the life of this charismatic character in real time, and also being one of the most successful journey in the cycle of reels as well. Our protagonist needs no introduction. But unfortunately, a recent decision of the Mumbai Sessions court has knocked down him down, terming him as a pro-protagonist, or keeping it simple, as an antagonist. Superstar Salman Khan, or the ‘Hero of the Hearts’, the adjectives underlying his dynamic persona are just endless. Salman Khan, known to be a very philanthropist person by nature, is also very good at his heart. While on one hand, he has helped actresses to get their break in movies, on the other, he has also facilitated assistance to them in guiding them to score a hit on their movies. And the list of such actors or actresses follows Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Zarine Khan, Sneha Ullal, Daisy Shah, Isabel Kaif, Athiya Shetty and Suraj Pancholi to name some few.

Also, Mr. Salman Khan has faced many ups and downs, with his life being surrounded, or we can say, being rumored around with love affairs of Pakistani beauty Somy Ali, Sangeeta Bijlani , Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. Also his voyage with Shahrukh Khan from a tussle to re-union is well known to one and all. His home where Hindu (mother-Sushila Charak), Muslim (father-Salim Khan) and Christian (step-mother Helen Khan) all co-exist and practice the bond of secularism, Salman Khan has seen it all. While his gesture of bringing home Lord Ganesha during the Ganesh festival had raised the eye-brows of many, his meeting and words of praise with the erstwhile PM designate Shri Narendra Modi during the kite-flying festival had irked his Muslim fans a lot, and eventually resulted into a low response for his movie post to his promotion.

As every coin has two sides, so is the same case in this issue. While, this 13 year long battle can also be bifurcated into 2 sides, one being that of his sympathizers, huge fan following whereas other being the side of justice, where everyone stands equal and also protected equally, by law and before law. The Dabangg star who had recently donated money for relief for the Nepal quake victims and who had also helped numerous people through his Being Human charitable foundation inadequately failed to save himself from the clutches of justice. Alas! Money and power can’t always buy things. Although there was also another question lying in the background of this scenario, and it was about the losses, which the film industry will or would had to borne in Sallu bhai’s absence. Even at 49, Salman Khan undoubtedly being termed as the most eligible bachelor had the ability of breaking records made by his own movies at the Box Office. It is reported that after the announcement of 5 years imprisonment for Salman Khan in hit-and-run case, the producers may face heavy loss, as more than 200 crore investment is riding on him. Not just that, as many as half a dozen films are already in the pipeline with big banners involved.

Salman Khan who had been charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder under Indian Penal Code Section 304(II), sections 279, 337, 338, 427, and under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949, happened to be sentenced for culpable homicide not amounting to murder, driving without valid license and so he should however think himself lucky, as the maximum term of imprisonment he could have had was 10 years. The Additional Sessions Judge D.W. Deshpande also held Salman guilty of rash and negligent driving when he was behind the wheel of his Land Cruiser that killed the victim on a footpath and injured four in suburban Bandra in September 2002. Nevertheless, this term being based on the discretion of the court, the actor was awarded 5 years imprisonment. While Special Public Prosecutor Pradeep Gharat said that the court has found Salman guilty on all charges, Salman’s Defence lawyer Shrikant Shivade who pleaded for a milder sentence keeping in view the social services the actor was involved in and his medical problems, moved to the Bombay High Court. Judge Deshpande declined to accept the application seeking to record the witness statement of one of Salman’s friends, singer Kamaal Khan, who was there present alongwith Salman Khan at the time of this incident. The court also rejected the delayed and untimely statement made by Salman’s driver Ashok Singh claiming the responsibility for the accident upon himself.

Post this decision by the Mumbai’s Sessions court, Salman’s defence team led by Supreme Court counsel Harish Salve mentioned the matter before Justice A.M. Thipsay of the Bombay High Court and were successful in seeking a bail, citing medical reasons and upon arguing that a person could not be arrested on the basis of a summarized court order. Although Salman Khan was granted two days interim bail on medical grounds by the Bombay High Court, the next hearing on the bail application was held on 8th May 2015 during its morning session. The High Court then suspended his sentence.

Succeeding this, there were a queue of posts and tweets made and shared on social handles viz. Facebook and Twitter by his friends, fans and followers. While some prayed for him, whereas the others boasted of justice being upheld by the court. Also a beeline of dignitaries was seen outside his home by his colleagues from the film fraternity, standing in show of solidarity and sympathy with the Being Human Founder Salman Khan. However, the next wait will be to see, how the justice now traverses its path further, and also what will be the duration requiring in the procedure of this due course of law? Because as the saying goes, “Justice delayed is also Justice denied”.




Shrikrishna S.Kachave
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