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In salutation to Nara and Narayana – Adi parva 0:1

The first salutation in the Mahabharata of Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa is to Nara and Narayana. Of course, as is explained later in the great epic, Arjuna is believed to be Nara as a companion to Narayana as Krishna. Maharishi Veda Vyasa offers his first salutation to Nara and Narayana before he embarks on his journey as an epic poet.

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Nara and Narayana are regarded as the primordial manifestations of Vishnu, and are the incarnations, again and again, on this earth to uphold the aspect of dharma and are the embodiment of rightful living, rightful thought and rightful action. While Nara is the aspect of the human soul, the body is the companion and divine aspect as Narayana. Continue Reading..

Dr. Bharat Bhushan
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Dr. Bharat Bhushan

And She Lives On …

A bright Sunday as it dawned,
The winter’s chill woven through,
A normal day, an empty week,
But how it changed all she knew.

 An evening of merriment as it ended,
Began a day-long hour,
The demon’s wrath descended upon her,
As her friend lay helplessly, afar.

 They killed her mind, they killed her soul,
Every sin known, they did.
Like sunken ship drowning ‘neath the sea,
Bore it all, she did

 That time of horror, it ticked away,
Every passing minute, like an hour to boot,
Of unfathomable helplessness reeked in the place,
She lay there realizing the truth.

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Ziauddin Sherkar
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Ziauddin Sherkar