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The Davuluri Affair

When Nina Davuluri won Miss America, the first news that trickled out was not that she had won, but that racist Americans had called her names ranging from Miss Terrorist to 7-11. The racism is disgusting, no doubt. But sitting in India, can it be seen so lightly? Can it be broken down so simplistically to say that Americans are racist and they have prejudices against people of dark skin?

First of all, Nina Davuluri is not Indian. She is of Indian origin, but she is very much American. The only link she has with India is the race of her parents, nothing else.

While the world media went on this sort of rampage to show that she was a victim of petty racism, very few reported the most important thing which was the fact that she won the pageant. She competed with others and she won, fair and square. Nobody celebrated that.

The reason for that is that deep inside, we love to wallow in others’ faults. We want to believe that the west is racist against people of colour. Nobody took the time to find out who Nina really is and how she won, nobody congratulates her, they just snort at the racist tweets and that is the end of it.

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Ashwath Komath
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Ashwath Komath