Climbing stairs – your zero cost – high benefits workout.

Like me, are you fed up on the never ending expenses on the fitness centers, gyms, fitness trainers, diets etc just to maintain your health or to loose weight ?   It may not be necessary as I will try to explain a new, cost effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals, which takes just 15 minutes of your time.

Given the nature of urban living in India, most of us would be living in apartment buildings. All you have to do is walk these stairs early in the morning, every single day, first thing in the morning.  Get out of your house ( at around 6:00am or whatever time is convenient to you) and walk straight down to the ground floor – Do not take the lift. Start walking upstairs, one flight at a time. The first flight will be the most excruciating, but persist.  Once you get tired, walk down from that point, and start climbing again. Do not rush while walking up or while walking down. Do it at your pace, but do it and do it with a purpose. Slowly build up your stamina and the number of flights / floors that you climb. Increase the floors every couple of days. If your building does not have enough floors, walk down and start climbing again. I have been doing this for about 2-3 months, and I now easily climb 9 floors ( 18 flights ), 3 times every morning. But you need to start climbing that first flight. I also make it a point, never to use the lift even during the day. This gives me an additional punch every time.

This walking up the stairs is THE best exercise. It elevates your heart rate in a matter of few minutes and keeps it elevated at that stage for a longer time, which in turn rushes your metabolism. This is the precise requirement of a healthy exercise schedule.

  • You can do it in close proximity to your home. No need to go to a gym.
  • Walking up the stairs is an exercise infrastructure which is Free of Cost ( No expenses on gyms ).
  • It shapes your legs, and also strengthens your core.
  • Walking up the stairs also  strengthens your legs and your spine.
  • It helps you to get the benefit of gravity working on your weight.
  • It elevates your heart rate instantly and keeps it elevated for a longer time period.
  • Diabetic patients can get double benefits of walking as well as weight loss from this routine.
  • It gives you maximum impact in terms of calorie burns in least amount of time.
  • It is an intensive workout with very little effort.
  • Since it will be normally in a closed environment of your bldg, it will not be affected by rain or sun.

Going to a gym will take time. You need to spend atleast 90 minutes at the gym for any meaningful workout. But this stair walking routine is right outside your house, it is free and it takes only 15 minutes of your morning. No gym will tell you about this free facility available as soon as you step outside your front door.  Now-a-days even gyms have stepper machines, which are nothing but glorified step climbers. Why go to a gym when you can climb the stairs right outside your house and for free.

One small precaution to take. If you are grossly overweight or a heart patient or an orthopedic patient, please do let your doctor know before you start this activity. Chances are your doctor may recommend this exercise and may ask you to start off with very small goals – one flight of stairs at a time. But please consult your doctor if you have a chronic medical condition.

Mukund Mate
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Mukund Mate

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