Common Man or Astronaut: Who are you?

India is the sixth country to have a space mission to Mars. The country will land its mars rover on the red planet in September 2014. The scientists will have a great sense of achievement once the mars explorer vehicle touches down. That feeling comes once in a life time for these hard working scientists. Has anyone wondered that the common man, who rides his mars explorer(two-wheeler) on the roads has the same sense of achievement everyday? I’m sure you must be thinking I’m not in my senses! “Come on dude! Who compares a simple middle –class man to a highly qualified scientist and a two-wheeler to a mars rover?”my friend said, when I spoke to him about this.

Let me explain why I compared these two utterly different personalities.

Indian roads: Will they get any better?

Indian roads: Will they get any better?

You and I (the common people) ride two wheelers on roads that are nothing less than the Mars’ surface. Shoddy repair work, patches and crater-sized potholes are the ”salient features” of our roads. Nothing gives me more joy when I park my bike and hit the sack after a tiring day at college. On my way back, I feel nothing less than an astronaut who  explores the peaks, troughs and craters of the red planet in his fancy vehicle. The only difference is that ,neither am I an astronaut nor do I ride a fancy vehicle!

Miraculously the “good quality “roads make me feel like an astronaut and mysteriously transform my quaint little Activa into a raring mars explorer, such is the capability of Indian roads. They don’t just take you to your destination , they give you a glimpse of how roads on Mars would be. Sometimes I guess that the civic authorities don’t repair the roads on purpose, they want the “common man” to experience how life would be on Mars if people inhabit the planet! What a novel way of making people experience what they possibly can never experience!

The Indian part of the Earth’s crust must be feeling bad that it has a surface that is more uneven than its distant solar counterpart, Mars. I can imagine an animated Mars pointing a finger towards the hapless Indian roads and laughing like a 5 year old!

Our Government honors people, who show exemplary courage, with a bravery award. Well in that case every Indian deserves this honor as they too show exemplary courage while plying on the back-breaking roads and braving the potholes which are nothing less than a death trap. In short, we ditch death almost every day.

New age version of “Old McDonald”


                  (Remember that nursery rhyme?)

Subhash Suresh
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Subhash Suresh

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