Decoding Selfes!

Selfies selfies selfies everywhere!  To the point of it being very bizarre and unsafe.

Right from Ellen DeGeneres’s twitter crashing selfie, to Narendra Modi’s election code violation selfie, the selfie bug has caught on like anything.

Hundreds of articles and posts are being written on how to take the perfect selfie or how Kim Kardashian takes her perfect butt selfie (belfie, weird!). There are numerous videos on teaching people on how to take selfies and so on and so forth. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have an instructional booked titled ‘Selfie for Dummies’, soon.

The level at which this fad has caught up can be gauged from the immense reverence and importance this art has been bestowed. There are websites (the credibility is equivalent to canine excretion) claiming that selfies are one of the best inventions of recent times! Really?

I too for a transient phase was entrapped in the selfie reverence world, but I soon realised it to be nothing more than an exercise in narcissism, if done irrationally beyond what is normal.

Why am I being such a bore and criticising such a hip/awesome practise right?

The reasons are simple, and I hope you empathize with them,

1. They make you spend & indulge in needless thrift

These days, it’s cool if you don’t have a purpose, but you need to have a cool phone. The more mega pixels the better. And the more bling. Just bring it on right?

This is for those who have upgraded their phones just to keep up with this needless fad. Most of my friends have bought or upgraded their phones to a better phone, apparently because then you can shoot yourself better from them. What BS is that?

Turn your phone around and click. Simple. Penny saved is a penny earned remember.

You will find numerous people who had taken a selfie like picture years ago, or used the timer feature on their cameras. This brings me to yet another plot, whatever happened to our cameras? Well, now that’s for some other day!

2. They feed your narcissism & become an addiction

Yes, this one is bang on. Whether you agree or not, selfies are definitely pseudo mirrors you carry along with yourself. Once I happened to browse the gallery on my friend’s phone & it was full of selfies, similar pictures with different emotions and stuff. It really got me worried and disturbed to a certain extent and I helped him control it drastically.  Selfies were invented may be to capture special moments, like you run into a celebrity or a sweet group picture, not for them to be a source of entertainment and fascination for you. Move on bro!

3. They are unregulated

Recently, we were having a fruitless discussion on drafting of an anti-selfie law. How cool isn’t it? Although the discussion did not lead anywhere, it got us thinking, and thinking deep. In conjunction with personality rights, what if celebs could charge you for clicking a selfie with them. What if these were regulated? What if an IP could be procured from a particular method of taking a selfie? The possibilities are endless.

4. They make you a control freak

As you get used to clicking pictures in a controlled environment and set-up, you sort of loose spontaneity and develop a mannequin like plastic smile, which is, in my opinion, very scary and fake.

Even in normal pictures, I’ve observed people running to see about how they’re looking. A sense of urgency and irrelevancy has crept into the psyche of the masses which is very alarming and psychotic. There are a lot more important avenues to reserve such anxiety for, isn’t it?

I’ve further seen people getting depressed when a person is not coming within a frame, or when the lights are not proper or where there are photo bombers who creep. Amidst all this, some reflection and soul searching is advised. It’s really high time people give it to their senses and come out of such non-sense.

5. You don’t or forget to live in the moment

Absolutely. I’ve seen people forgetting to enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings and merely treating the environment as a mere background for their so-called to-be profile pictures. There was a time when pictures were taken as a memory store, nowadays; they’re taken as a reflex or rather an annoying habit.

It pains me when I see guys incessantly clicking selfies as I am still not comfortable with the metro-sexual male concept and all the pansy paraphernalia that goes with it.

Selfies should be limited to why they were invented, i.e. to reduce the dependency on others while taking a picture. Although it has done that, but in all this, we have somewhere lost our independence!

The views of this author are transient, mood based and to be taken with a bucket of salt! Especially for this article.

Happy clicking away to glory!


Kunal Kamath Sarpal
An article by:
Kunal Kamath Sarpal
Kunal R. Sarpal, is a Practising Company Secretary, Founder Partner of White Collar Legal LLP. He speaks 6 languages, pursues Law and aspires to be a leading Jurist. Loves discussions & networking. There's a lot more to him & you can reach him on or connect with him on Linkedin/ Facebook/ Blog.

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