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    1. Ghulam Muhammed says:


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      Ghulam Muhammed


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      and hundreds of people had common aspirations with Arvind Kejriwal, as
      far as corruption is concerned. Besides, everybody depending on their
      experience in governance and politics, had some idea of how to
      strategize and put those strategies in practice. It is a given fact that
      Kejriwal too had his strategy and he always went public with it. There
      could naturally be differences in detail, but since the overall
      objective of Kejriwal and his followers was the same, it is incumbent on
      the supporter to repose in him enough confidence to let him decide on
      crucial matters and their timings, without hampering him with their own
      disparate judgement. A leader has to lead and he does get it wrong at
      times. Pandit Nehru misjudged Chinese incursion and gave India a very
      bad setback. However, that one mistake cannot overshadow the enormous
      amount of nation-building far reaching policies he envisioned and
      implemented. In the same manner, so people are very impatient and are
      over-ambitious to allow the leader to lead and would like to do
      back-seat driving all the time. Such people cannot be expected to be
      team players. The writer of the article appears to be one of the tribe.
      They end up harming and hurting the common cause that they had started
      to envision and implement. Kejriwal had understood that the ganging up
      of Congress and BJP in Delhi Assembly would have never allowed him to
      adopt the Jan Lok Pal bill, that was the center of all his life mission.
      He needed a full majority in the assembly and for that another election
      was only solution. Even if the Lok Sabha would have not been looming
      ahead, he would have resigned to get a majority to get Jan Lok Bill
      passed in Delhi assembly as a forerunner to a central government move to
      implement Jan Lok pal and not the water-downed and very ineffective Lok
      Pal that Congress has rushed through. It was merely to take sting out
      of Kejriwal’s campaign that was firing the imagination of the multitude.
      Kejriwal has time and again publicly stressed that his aim is not to
      govern Delhi per se, but the goal was only the first step towards
      implementing his version of Jan Lok Pal bill. It is sad that in the
      crowd of well wisher, there were intellectuals who had their own agenda
      as how to achieve that goal. They would not be insincere. But they have
      no appreciation of how committed Kejriwal was and is in his ONE single
      most important mission to see that a Jan Lok Pal bill is legislated to
      clean the corruption in the governance machinery of the nation that has
      been draining public resources down the gutter of dirty corruptioin in
      practically every field of governance. Those like the writer should
      acquire patience and not rush to judge Kejriwal or his actions and start
      trying to side with the corrupt.


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