Hacking the comfort zone

If a man could establish a new personality everyday and not look back, if he has the skill to mingle with a new audience anytime and manipulate his brain to any situation, how large would his life be?

To continuously learn from the new and apply the knowledge to make something great or worthwhile, for this, I think he has to be very flexible and let go of his earlier fixed ideas.

There is a lot more in this life to experience and learn than one can imagine. We all live in a world created by our mind. Whatever knowledge we posses about this planet comes from people. It’s people telling each other stories of the world to understand it better. Everyone has his own perception and one should respect and learn from that just to learn more about the world. Every place has a different ambiance which shapes you and makes you perform in a specific way. Situation makes people and people make situations. There is so much knowledge in this world that we cannot keep up with everything. However hard you try, you are going to miss something. The beauty is to live in the moment with all your senses alive which is seldom possible with the technological distractions man has brought to himself.

It is not bad to break out of your space & be a different person or to be in a new and unknown space. If you look at it in one way, God has given you life & you have to choose your way of living it. Everyone’s way will be different depending on how they perceive life.

Getting out of your comfort zone (space) is a difficult task for man as man is social and has emotions. These attachments make it difficult or in other words it doesn’t feel right for him to exit a certain situation and face a completely new one. It is easier when he has to go in a situation and he has the comfort of getting back to his familiar old situation. To move on and to change continuously is difficult for any being that has been brought up in a family and in a particular location. A guilty feeling engulfs your entire body as you are going against the norms and rules of the society. Our minds are convinced that we are utilizing the time we have in a better way if we are staying in a specific place or situation everyday rather than sleeping in a new location everyday and having new experiences. Same is with making friends. Man makes friends because he is social. When alone in a different city or location he is open to danger. His mind is more alert and receptive to information, thus making him more aware and knowledgeable about the environment. He plans his time and pays heed to all the happenings in the day. Because this makes him feel worthwhile as he feels he is utilizing his time in a right way, thus making him feel more complete.

On making friends this changes. Spending time with his friends comforts his mind as to think he is spending his time wisely. This is the comfort trap most people fall into. This is the same reason people are scared to exit and change  and thus stick to their mundane jobs or continue in lousy relationships.

Sometimes spending most of the time with your friends makes your world smaller. To escape this if one wants to i.e. as people are scared to exit their comfort zone, one has to keep reading ,watching and be aware of the world and have a variety of friends which you meet from time to time and share your thoughts. Also making new friends is a great deal.

Most of the times we get to choose our friends. This again we choose according to our comfort level. As most of the time we hesitate to change. For e.g. if there are some people doing some really great work but posses the opposite personalities one wouldn’t like to adjust and rather go back to his set of friends whom he is comfortable with.

There are many ways to hack the comfort zone. I feel one is where you change your personality according to the situation and people and adapt accordingly. The other is to is to establish a personality which is acceptable to almost all but this comes out of immense experience.

Saatchi Sadwelkar
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Saatchi Sadwelkar

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