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Have you ever been so uninspired that you start desperately looking for the smallest source of inspiration? Well, I was going through exactly that phase. Not even a refreshing spell of rain, my favourite, could release me from my misery. My days were dull and my nights were prosaic. Nothing inspired me. I had so many write-ups due and I could not put down even a word in pen and paper, not even a word! And then I discovered my muse.

I was travelling from my hometown, Jamshedpur to my current home, Mumbai or like I prefer- Bombay. It was a train journey and I love them. Even though they are long there is something about them. When travelling by train if one is as observant as I am, one can witness so much more than the usual. As a train travels through states, as is the case with long distance trains, it takes us through different cultures. The contours change, the crops in the fields change and so do the clothing of the country dwellers. That is when you realise how the people never change. Every farmer in his field, every woman with “matkas” or otherwise, every kid running alongside the train and every a man waiting near the level crossing, they all look similar to their counterparts in another city, state. So aren’t we all human? Aren’t we all suffering, for whatever the reason? Why then do we discriminate? How is that woman from a distant village who is fetching water for her family and herself different from the lady who lives in a metropolis and works in a top notch company or that kid who is playing in the fields from the kid who goes to the best school in town? Food for thought!

When in a train I see the wide landscape; the sky sometimes overcast and sometimes like a blue infinite sea, green fields, the “kachcha rasta” cutting through the field. I see the lone man riding his cycle where the sky bows to kiss the earth. It makes me yearn for something. I still do not know what. The places I see, the lives I almost touch inspires me, always. They inspire me to such an extent that whatever I scribble keeping them in mind start making sense to me and eventually to others because “the best stories are always true, the best stories are always real” as Jeffery Archer once said.



Sudeshna Chanda
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Sudeshna Chanda

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