Khiyal, Kitab aur Kalam – A review of ‘What young India wants’ by Chetan Bhagat.

What young India doesn’t want!

A bunch of articles put together.

Open letters for from one and all.

Single solution for all problems.

Views differing from ground reality.

Yes, young India wants none of it! Our duo of Sahir and Vivadh went into the depths of the min of one of India’s highest selling authors to find out what was the reason for his publishing this piece of environmental waste. And this is what they had to say.

Sahir: Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, and all the ladies looking like gents and all the gents looking like ladies. I can’t say it is a bright day here inside an intellectual head, but it is indeed a good day. An amazing solution for solving the rupee problem just went whizzing past us towards the writer’s hand!Anyways, coming to the point, we have been doing some ground breaking investigation in this person’s mind to look into the details of his book. Over to Vivaadh.

Vivadh: Thank you Sahir. Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen we have come up with some very interesting facts. We tried speaking to the Editor-in-Chief of the Times of India from where many of the chapters in the book have been sourced from.  Turns out he doesn’t exist that their marketing team does the editing. Anyways, it is learned that the author in question has never been an expert on any one topic but rather has tried to speak for all sections of society and every topic on the scene. That wouldn’t be problem if it is fruitful, but it is not.

Sahir: Yes indeed. One would be surprised while reading the book as it starts with relatively less important topics and goes on from symbolic to dramatic articles of the author’s pen making the novel an amazing thriller. He speaks about educational problems which have a sweet (read: addictive) inclination each and every time towards Delhi University making rest of the institutions in the country completely useless.

Vivadh: Yes I wanted to study there too :-( I read a chapter talking about giving Anderson, the prime accused in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy excitingly long and painful punishments forgetting that, it won’t be needed as the old man in question is already on his deathbed. The writer’s intellect failed to mention what future steps should be taken avoid such disasters and only the horrific emotions are aroused.

Sahir: As for the open letters, well,India just got cooler. Heard the Post Master General has announced that all postal services will be suspended and instead of just delivering the letters, the postmen would stick them on their chests and parade in front of 10 Janpath on Republic Day.

Vivadh: What about the recent letters from the Muslim youth?

Sahir: Hahahahah! He had some duck and crocodile story in the end which was pretty heart touching. It transferred the tears of emotion of the crocodile’s eyes to mine on reading them.

Vivadh: Yeah, and there was another one of his typical story which had the usual pretty girl, high cut-off colleges, nerdy guy, Barist or CCD, suicide letters and ending in happiness.

‘What young Indi wants’ is the compilation of Chetan Bhagat’s newspaper columns, magazine articles, speeches, and whims. Published by Rupa & Co. it is available at Rs. 150.

It lacks the charm of his previous short novels and merely gives a faint sense of urgency about the issues in society. Sahir and Vivadh say it’s just what the doctor Ravi Shastri ordered for an afternoon of boredom!


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