Life lessons from Leone. Sunny Leone!

“Kunaaaal, what the hell man! Life lessons from Leone! Seriously?”

Yeah, it’s really cool when you are able to decipher the goodness in every person no matter what their area of work is.

Writing on this particular topic was tricky as I had to battle a lot of formed ideologies and stark lopsided perspectives. Although, I could not research much on the internet, or rather, the material available on the internet is more of the watching category, matter in ink or content in the written/typed word was sorely missing. Hence, this article.

So life lessons, huh? Actually, the moment a person becomes famous and/or successful there is a trend of “10 things you did not know about this person” write ups pop up from nowhere and traffic all your feeds and electronic devices. But these articles are usually factual and mostly throw data on your face which you did not take the trouble to research yourself.

Here is a fresh take,

The top 8 life lessons you could call it are:

1. Don’t let your past define your present

A lot of my friends and people I have interacted with frown on the mention of this now superstar. Call it hypocrisy or jealousy or whatever, as their opinions carry the weights of Sunny’s past. Why?

There is a beautiful quote which says, ‘If your past is calling you, don’t answer, it has nothing new to say’. So simple and reflective! She has understood this to the T and focuses her energy on the present.

We are a nation of presumptuous people. We place people in false categories. If someone likes movies, he can’t like going to temples. If another loves cooking, he doesn’t like partying. For God’s sake! The truth is so (refreshingly) different! More and more people surprise with their uniqueness, their mysteries, their complexities, and their passion to celebrate life no matter how many shocks it delivers every day. Sunny Leone is a personality who has been labelled more than you or me but still she is at peace with herself.

So whatever you past may be, it doesn’t have the superpower to hold you down or propel you to greater heights. It is what you do in the present that matters. This means that to be successful we need to make the most every minute, every day and be fully committed to whatever we do. For how we handle this moment is going to determine what our life will become. Period.

2. Include your parents in your decisions

In her own words, she couldn’t keep it under wraps for long, as her career grew and grew. So, instead of waiting for her parents to discover what their daughter was doing, Sunny decided to have a talk with them. So, include your parents in your lives, in small or big ways. And, if you’re as headstrong as Sunny, then make the effort of sharing your convictions with your parents. You owe them that, at least.

3. Have a performance/stage name

Truly, right from Akshay Kumar to Kishor Kumar to Malikka Sherawat to Premchand…everyone has adopted a performer/art name. In the end, it is all about identity right? Leaving your work, your contribution behind. What’s there in a name? Everything? I’ll let you speak for yourself here.

4. Use the success in fields where it matters

There are few careers in the world which let you serve in its truest form. Doctors, lawyers, Fire Fighters, teachers, the armed forces and so on. Other professions such as IT or take manufacturing aid the economy and help the functioning of the Company, fulfilling its objective. Now, to satiate our innermost desire to serve, such ancillary industry folks can very well divert their ancillary success to direct service areas. Here’s how she does it:

Sunny Leone has been part of a People for Ethical Treatment of Animals ad campaign, urging dog and cat owners to get their pets sprayed and neutered – a crucial aspect of pet care. Then, beset with personal tragedy in the shape of losing her father to the dreaded disease known as cancer, Sunny Leone was inspired to participate in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half-Marathon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. She is using her celeb status to help the needy in every way she can.

5. Preparation, creating luck

Yes, we have all heard about how luck is created when preparation meets opportunity right? It’s the same in every industry actually. Knowing when to enter an industry, how to enter and through whom, choosing the type of work, defining yourself through it and so on, all forms part of your crucial preparation. Falter here, and then I would say, sad begun is well, dumb!

6. A degree matters

She worked at a Tax and a Retirement firm before entering the showbiz.

It’s more of a plan B actually, a cushion of sorts. The reason many of the top schools grads take up entrepreneurship confidently, to pursue their passion and at the same time they are aware about their ability or their competency to land a job!

7. Network (know who knows to know your know-hows)

This one was from my mom. Now, why would she sign a long term contract with a lady producer, an all inclusive one, that too. No husband would allow it with a male producer as he knows the way exploitation takes place (literally in this case).

Teaming up with Ekta Kapoor was definitely her smartness and Ekta being Ekta has utilised all her ‘talents’ to the brink of it being overkill. No one’s complaining though!

So, know whom to approach and approach such a person who knows the art of identifying and honing your talent.

8. Marry from the same industry :P

So that he/she knows the ups and downs of the field (literally again!) and you gain maximum support (Punny again)

So there, I am sure I have disappointed you on some aspects of not meeting your ‘expectations’ but writing very purely and succinctly on this topic. You need an eye, for spotting talent (and for spotting potential article)

If you loved reading this as much as I did writing it, then share it. Spread the smiles.

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Kunal Kamath Sarpal
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