Rephrasing an old saying..

The mixture of happiness and sadness is always felt by us. It feels good but its hard to comment on what we are actually feeling. Each one of us have a special thing in us but we always feel jealous of others when we think they are better than us. The value of a few things can be felt only when we lose it. It might me a tangible one or an intangible one. Why has god created such a world where people cannot understand the value of things but can understand only when it is snatched away from them?

When we lose something we regret about it later even after knowing that it will never come back to us. Repentance is the deepest void in the heart. Once the void is created, it is very difficult to fill it up. There are people who never regret  things which had made them smile even once in their past.  Some people, on the other hand, lived a certain moment, enjoyed it but later, regret doing it. The variation in people’s insight on things is all about the beauty of life which God has created.

Time and age will never stop for anyone, and then what is the point of regretting for the past? Its good to remember the wrong deeds which one has committed in the past but killing the present for the past makes things even worse. Respect yourself and love yourself for what you are and then life would seem interesting and beautiful with many undiscovered ways waiting to get unfolded by you.


Snehaa Challa
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Snehaa Challa

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