Section 377: Harbor in sight!

It was strange and amusing to see how the Supreme Court had criminalized gay sex, assuming they had the conviction that this verdict was going to stand the test of time. For any rational person this scenario where the government, a body for the benefit of its public, has any say in its population’s right to love, let alone criminalizing, is despairing. But, this insanity will meet its end soon. When the rest of the world around India will start to embrace homosexuality in terms of legality and the voices in support will get louder, no court can ignore or try to resist the impending dawn of the closeted and suppressed reality that has been a part of society since forever. Actually, this has already begun to happen.

Section 377.. Harbor in sight.

Section 377.. Harbor in sight.

The fundamental problem with the criminalization of gay sex is that it is not a crime. It’s between two adults, in privacy and with consent, so what’s the fuss about? Indian societies still consider sex a taboo. The hushed tones, the innuendo around it, the switching over of channels when an intimate scene plays, the awkward moment when there is a kiss on-screen and of course parents not discussing about sex with their children AT ALL! These are some of the observations that can be made in an environment where sex and everything related to it is stigmatized.

But history has a whole different story to tell. The Mahabharata has several mentions of the sexual practices during the time which included orgies, incest, premarital sex; etc which implicates the existence of a sexually liberal society.This has to be a case of colonial mentality coming forth where a 152 year old law finds refuge in the narrow mind of a judiciary body.

The arguments against legalizing homosexual sex reflect the wide spectrum of human ignorance and stupidity. From calling it fads, to classifying it as a disease, homophobes have no able reason to defend their cause. What was the last thing they were opposed to? Inter-caste marriage? Live-in relationship? Well, these are legal now and there is nothing they can do about it. I wonder if they know that they are going to lose eventually. Hence, the harbor in sight.

I dream of a world where people won’t be judged by their nature, where discovering one’s sexuality is a moment of happiness and not fear, where there is no “coming out of the closet” but only loving.





An article by:
Vinay Temburnikar

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