Soulful Song of a Town: Roadtrip to Kashid

Sometimes, all that one needs to rejuvenate the soul is a break from the monotony of everyday life and what better way to beat the stress than to drive away from the city with a bunch of friends? The smaller the group, the better! For us, Punekars, travelling is as simple as breathing. Being surrounded by some of the most picturesque, secluded and safe places, backpacking is a simple deal. So where do we tread off to? Difficult decision, eh? Make it a beach break and the choices narrow down. We chose Kashid. Situated in the Northern region of Konkan, Kashid is a tiny beach town that boasts of a stunning beach and mesmerizing greenery.

Thanks to Pune’s weather, mornings are generally pleasant. So we left at around 9 in the morning. We drove on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway which itself becomes a scenic beauty in the monsoons. As the day wore on, the heat grew unbearable. Undaunted by the blazing sun we went on. As fate would have, we lost direction and took an unplanned detour to Alibaug beach. We thought of staying there till the sunset. But determined as we are, we retraced our way back to where we had lost direction and we headed towards Kashid.

We did not require the GPS to realize that we were nearing our destination. Suddenly, it wasn’t the heat that was overwhelming, anymore, it was the place. The breeze was getting cooler, there were tall trees, coconuts and palms that swayed with the wind in a rhythm as if dancing to a melody. We drove through the village. There were worn down houses that stood calmly, in pride, amidst the tall trees. Time is a keeper here.

Then started the ascend. In no time we were driving on a road wound around a mountain. It was as if we were on a pursuit of a mystery that had long been hidden from the common eyes. The twisted road wound down and we drove along. On one side of the road was a mountain and on the side a forest. And then we saw IT! As we descended the steep slope we saw gentle ways ebbing from the shore. Within minutes we were driving along the sea. My hands, childishly reaching out to touch it. It felt as if the sea was playing some sort of a fun game with us because with every wave that hit the shore, we all smiled.

Kashid, a virgin beach, has by far managed to stay out of the clutches of commercialization. Confined by mountains on three sides, the 3km stretch of the beach is clean, un-foiled. It has something for everyone. For those who are not the ‘get-wet-go’ type, a stroll along the beach is refreshing like a dip in the water. With time, the sun slowly changed colours, form the unbearable yellow to orange and then disappeared. With the disappearing sun we left for our homes. The entire had trip poured life back into us. More than the beach, it was journey that touched our hearts, it were the surprises that it had in store for us. Here, I would like to quote one of my favourite authors-

“The adventure is not in getting somewhere, it’s the on-the-way experience. It is not the expected; it is the surprise.” – Ruskin Bond

Truly said! Sometimes it really is about the journey and the companion. Life for one- the ultimate destination is death, but we live for the experience and the journey that leads us to it and the companion who walks the distance with us.

Sudeshna Chanda
An article by:
Sudeshna Chanda

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