The Ace Times

As it begins…..

After the most successful event ACE-MUN which held in Jan, 2014 here is the second edition of it named as ACE-Intra City Summit 2014. The inaugural ceremony started with the delegates quickly filling up the conference hall. The principal, dean and the HOD of civil department were welcomed on the dais followed by the Sec. General of ACE-ICS 2014 Avinash. Then the Sec. General along with the dignitaries on the dais lightened the lamp and started the ceremony. After the effective speeches by the Principal and Dean of the ACE college and the Sec. General declared the conference open. Then the delegates were sent off to their respective councils from where the council’s respective chairs took over the conference.

The First Committee …..

Spooky delegates sit idly with confusion and boredom all over their faces. This vivid description pretty much sums up their excitement and mind state. Its 11:00 AM, a bright sunny day out in the campus. Many first timers were attending and hence the executive board patiently took time to explain the rules of procedure to the delegates.

Countries were literally auctioned by the chair. As a result, delegate of Bahamas became the delegate of Iran and the delegate of El Salvador became the delegate of Syria. Delegates were warned against the usage of internet in the council. There were threats about suspension and gagging in the air (yeah, right) !

Finally half an hour later the council was in formal session. Delegate of Oman started the GSL. He spoke first in the GSL and cleverly dodged all the questions that came his way. Delegate of Afghanistan talked about the given agenda i.e disarmament and Security Council. Delegate of Spain was verbose and tenacious.  Delegate of Palestine stated that they were in a lot of trouble and chaos but to them, disarmament is not an option. Delegate of Israel declares that its main threats are Egypt, Iran and Iraq. And he also added that Israel will not hold back or back down in situation like this.

Moderated caucus was proposed by delegate of Russia for 20 minutes to discuss the flaws in the nuclear non- proliferation treaty (NPT). It was a close call but the moderated caucus passed. In

Delegate of DPRK stated that war does not describe victory or defeat, it just make helpful and diplomatic suggestions. The council is then adjourned for lunch.

Post lunch, a moderated caucus on non- proliferation human survival was passed. the caucus, the delegate of Palestine points out the major country’s monopoly over the nuclear weapons. The delegates states that “the NWS are china, France, Russia, UK and USA. Although, the treaty legitimizes these states nuclear arsenal, it also establishes that they are not supposed to build and maintain such weapons perpetuity.” The delegate of Iran says that anything that is a normal gadget can be turned into an explosive or a weapon. He quotes few important points from the treaty and justifies them how he sees fit. The delegate of Kuwait urges the United Nations to inspect the presence of nuclear weapons in the countries so as to have a fair idea. To this the chair responds “few countries might feel that their sovereignty is being compromised”. Delegate of Italy proposes an inspection of countries to be carried out so that the truth can be discovered. The moderated caucus collapses, and the council reverts back to the GSL.

The delegate of Slovakia urges the council to consider nuclear disarmament as an option. The delegate of Syria states that they are ready for “multi – lateral disarmament”. There are then points on information were raised on the speech made by Syria and this leads to a bit of a heated argument between the delegates of Syria and USA. Delegate of Kuwait stated that disarmament is not a viable solution for peace and people “need” arms.