The dress code dilemma!

The Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (DPAR) of Karnataka Government issued a circular on August 12th prescribing state government employees to wear clothes that present them in a “dignified manner”.They corroborated this order with studies that showed that the performance at work suffered due to casual dressing.

Let’s examine a little closely at the point that the Karnataka government is trying to make.A person who wears jeans has a more casual approach towards work than the person who is dressed formally.Doesn’t make any sense because what you wear doesn’t define what you do.It can very easily be the other way.No amount of perks, restrictions or circulars can change the approach towards work.You can change the way of doing something but not the core attitude.

Do people really take work more leniently when they are dressed up casually? Hmm.Yes,but only for a certain period of time.Things like these have a limited affect on our lives.A perfect analogy would be that of a vase or any other decorative piece in the house,you are fascinated by it for the first few days then it slowly starts to slip away from your consciousness and a few weeks later you barely know its there.

Imposing sudden changes of this nature do nothing but tamper with the peace that employees have made with their work place environment over time.Adapting is a long and major inconvinience.

Government offices have a major advantage over private companies as they do not have to send a message or project a professional image to the world as opposed to the latter.These are permanent establishments that serve citizens,efficient service is expected of them,the way they dress is of least concern.


Though I do not support the concept of a dress code,in this context the issue of freedom must be addressed.The idea of freedom is often misinterpreted.People don’t understand that freedom is something abstract and incohesive.It doesn’t have a precise boundary but it has its limitations.When you agree to work for an organisation you cease to exist as an individual identity,you become a part of something that is bigger and more important than yourself.Your pride of being an independent personality becomes a chink in the chain.

You signed up for it and you must always be willing to adjust.If you are too bothered by it,the only other option is to quit because you won’t be helping anyone by being unhappy and complaining all the time at the place you are going to spend the major part of your life at.

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  1. Dilip says:

    Nice thought my friend, but consider a scenario where that employee has to represent the company? Casual wear on a daily basis is considerable but if that freedom is misused it would be undignified.

  2. carlos says:


    ñýíêñ çà èíôó!…

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