The Indian Political Ego

We are now heralding a transformational phase in Indian democracy. The ‘Judicial Week’ of India which began with the cancellation of all the coal block allocations since 1993 till date and culminated in the scalping of one of Corrupt India Club’s most flamboyant members, J. Jayalalithaa. The Indian judiciary which until recently faced a lot of flak citing the revelations made by former judges confirming the misdemeanors rampant in one of the most important institutions of Indian democracy has lived up to the hopes of millions of Indians.Why we herald this as a transformational phase in Indian democracy is for a number of reasons. To begin with, the political ego of our ruling class reeked with shameless arrogance and insatiable hunger to loot the nation. Until recently, we were all content with hurling abuses in each other, throwing up instable and dysfunctional governments time and again which provided rich fodder to the elite ruling class to reap in benefits. However, a kind of awakening has begun in the nation. After giving a resounding mandate to a responsible leader, the country has decided that enough is enough and it is time to put our foot down. As recently as 10 years ago, any political figure could get away with almost any wrong-doing on mere legal technicalities and create a virtual hell for whistleblowers and the common men alike. However, the scene is quite different today.

Along with the new government, two psychological changes have taken place.

The first one is that of fear. Every government servant and individuals who have made the arduous Indian bureaucracy a lucrative asset to mint money are slowly being engulfed by this cloud of fear. Having a Prime Minister who doesn’t hesitate to give even his Home Minister and his son a public dressing down for nasty political tactics, this will certainly trigger a chain of emotions from the highest corridors of power to the lowest. The no-nonsense image Narendra Modi portrays without making a one-to-one effort with any single individual has resulted in a slow but positive transformation in the bureaucratic going-on. Also, the few enlightened individuals, who wished to execute their duties to the best of their abilities but where prevented from doing so by the prevalent system have suddenly found a better standing among their compatriots. A perfect example is that of the honorable judge who imposed a fine of rupees 100 Crore on JJ along with a 4 year jail term without fear or favor. Such pronouncements are rare and when they do come, are accompanied by retributions for the innocent.

The second psychological change is that of emulating our new head of state. After running a massively unique election campaign while roping in unconventional mediums such as social media and 3D holograms, Modi stormed into power purely on the strength of his conviction to economically change the lives of a 7th of the world’s population. And it worked! His opponents, despite claiming otherwise are now adopting the same platforms and issues to direct their campaigns. From Members of Parliament, to mere councilors in local bodies even in villages, every politician is now trying to capture the mood of the voters using social media and development as the theme. This phenomena needs to be lauded.

There exist some unsaid status-quos in the political field of our country today. If a person is accused of committing a wrong, they hide behind a certain curtain which is pure in its individual identity but is used to manipulate reality. If a politician from any minority is accused of wrong-doing, he hides behind a garb of secularism and blames the accuser of being anti-minority. If a person, who builds his political battlefield revolving around the theme of caste and reservation, is accused of wrong doing, he shoots back that he is being targeted because he belongs to a backward class. If a lady politician is accused of wrong doing, she successfully ends up labeling the accuser as a patriarchal male chauvinist, no matter even if the charges were to be true. Such people are the symbol of megalomania which is intricately linked with a desire to stop the wheels of progress to turn in the country. Such unwanted individuals end up spoiling the very name of the community, religion, caste, and gender they claim to represent leaving poor and innocent members of the same to bear the brunt of their adventures. This can only be solved with an attitude which says, “I am an Indian first, rest everything next.” Also, this need not be regarded with religion which will go a long way in making members of many communities feel comfortable with saying the same.

Ms. J. Jayalalithaa has done grave injustice to each and every mother, daughter and sister in the country who are truly unrepresented and face discrimination in the society. In a country like India, it isn’t easy to be women and lead from the front. The backward mindset in many of our members does not accept these perfectly normal phenomena. By conducting herself so corruptly and being proved for the same gives this anti-women denomination all the more a reason to flaunt their ideals shamelessly.

This transformational phase in the Indian democracy has resulted in the beginning of the end of the Indian political ego. Governments change, but mindsets need to. This is one of those moments. A strict society with regards to political and judicial conduct is a must.

Ziauddin Sherkar
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Ziauddin Sherkar

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