The Teach For India Experience

A number of dedicated organizations today are working towards destroying one of the worst evils our motherland is facing, Education Inequality.

With the arrival of June 2013 one of the most memorable days started in my life. College days. At the same time my urge and passion for educating children, a mission instilled in me by my parents, grew stronger with days coming. After a lot of failed results in interviews and group discussions, September 2013 finally pushed me one step closer to my goal. I got a call from Teach for India!

30th September 2013 was my first day in school and I walk in anxiously subsequently asking people for directions. Once I reach my class I see 37 tiny, brilliant human beings closing their eyes with their hands joined and singing their prayers and at the same time staring at me with a huge question mark on their faces.  A cranked up class no doubt but the children make my time worth every moment.  A bunch of naughty, intelligent, charming and adorable children was my class 3-A. This was when I realized my happiness lies within them. We had an introductory session where my name got transformed from Madhuvanti to Madhubala and my spelling from Madhu to Mabhu and Mdhoo, but soon the children and I developed a fantastic rapport. I braved the rains and the train delays to make it to school every Monday and Wednesday. Children started giving me wonderful hand written letters singing praises of my stylish hair and that they love me. All of this collectively made these children absolutely special to me. I started looking forward for every day that I spent with them. I have had my horrid times managing the class, resolving conflicts, consoling a teary child and sometimes the subsequent anger on them does make me punish and throw them out of the class, but at the end of the day when I see their faces gloomy, sad with droopy eyes the feeling gets mutual. Once my vacations neared all that I was excited for was not getting to sleep more but getting to spend every day with my children in school. The exhaustion post school never bothered for I had another marvelous day waiting the next hour. Every pinch of innocence in these 3rd standard students mesmerized me literally. The happiness when they got brand new shiny black school shoes was radiant and they just left their books and pencils and started concentrating on trying the shoes off then and there. Our community lunch program was another success with the children sipping in some cold chill Coke and hot Samosas with the whole class and the teachers. Once the children returned back after their long festive break, we discussed the multiple number of Laxmi, Rasi, Bunty bombs that they blasted during Diwali and how these smarty beings got their home works done by their friends or siblings. Their love for Ragda Pattis and Pani Puri and that they wanted to hog these two roadside foods was set within the itinerary of the field trip even before the place got fixed. The field trip is another very important feature that the children are craving for and also we as teachers.

While some children are masters in English others are brilliant Mathematicians. A couple of times my poor Math skills have tumbled in front of these geniuses. Their urge to learn and write in English and to become future engineers, doctors and teachers is truly inspiring. The moment a child frames a grammatically correct English sentence with all the pronunciations in place or when they complete a Math sum skillfully on the board the grins on their faces makes me realize that the work I am currently doing for them is impactful in the real senses. Umar, Bada Junaid, Chota Junaid, Lucky, Sufiya, Rakhi, Asad, Ujjwal, Sunil Kumar, Aditya, Nandini, Tanisha, Naziya, Gulnaz, Tamanna, Kashish, Abid, Shiv Narayan, Irshad, Sama, Sumit, Ankit, Yashvardhan, Abhishek, Karan, Raj, Pintoo, Vishal, Prem, Sujal, Manjit, Ajay, Aryan, Dilip, Shubham, Wasim, Armaan you people make my days more and more blissful everyday and my fellow Meenakshi you shall be their finest teacher always.

I lived the dream for so many years and I continue living my dream today. My mission and aim of contributing something to reduce the exorbitant inequality in education is materializing. Education truly is boon for people who avail it easily. I have realized the worth of education in the best of senses today and also most importantly have learnt to chase my dreams from these young kids. As it is said truly,


Every Child You Meet is a Divine Appointment

-Wess Stafford

madhuvanti srinivasan
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