Whos is smarter: Phones or People?

In the light of the recent corporate developments surrounding blackberry earlier known as Research In Motion we at Intellectual Post  decided to approach a hardcore blackberry enthusiast to give us his insightful inputs on the emerging trends in the smartphone market. Who is smarter: phones or people? By Hemant Samtani is a must read for all those who can’t live a moment without their smart companion: the new age phone.                                                                                                            Who is smarter: phones or people?

Reasons and requirements that make people choose a phone

I am sure after reading the title of this article you will be inquisitive and curious to read further. Smart phones have been in the news and use for some time now. Is the hype created, and the media attention accorded to smart phone launches really justified?

Being a part of the telecom industry for over a decade focused on the area of building out the core network capability,I have had the opportunity to be a part of the first data traffic growth revolution in India.
The revolution has been mainly due to:

1.smarter devices which are substantially altering introduced changing user behavior.
2.roll out of 3G and 4G networks which have the intelligence and capacity to handle the traffic trend. When the first

iPhone was launched by Apple, some of the networks didn’t have the smart and intelligent capability to handle this smart phone behavior..

The big question is: does the urban population of our country think about their requirements and expectations from a phone before buying one? Take the example of India. Similar to the other countries, the iPhone5 launch created such a big hype and flutter. Trust me, most users who bought this phone will not be able to articulate the difference in specifications and features between the iPhone4, iPhone4s and iPhone5. Then why on earth did they chose iPhone5?

Going through the gamut of smart phones being sold in the market today, the feature set offered by most devices upward of INR10k price point is the same. let’s break down the smart phone into 2 bits (the smart part of it and the phone part of it)

The smart part of it in terms of features:                                                                                                                                                                    1. A high end camera to capture still images(5mp and above)
2.3G radio (not a lot of people know about the variants in 3G radio for phones…a 3G phone can operate anywhere in the    throughput range from 384kbps to 21mbps)                                                                                                                                                          3. Wifi radio
4. Wifi hotspot capability
5. Good user interface with apps well integrated

The smart part of it in terms of aesthetics:
1.Looks of the phone
2.The form factor
3.The perception of a second person seeing you carrying the device

So after going through the prior list of features it is clear that the phone part of the smart phone term is assumed to be taken care of
- The green button or the click or the screen swipe to answer the call
- The red button or the click or the swipe to disconnect the call
So what really drives people to select a certain smart phone?

The smart phone industry is currently driven by 4 major operating systems
- Android (The game changer)
- iOS (Apple: not the one newton saw falling from the tree)
- BlackBerry OS (The seasoned work horse)
- The new Windows OS called mango (Old kid on the block in a new avatar)

The industry and media seem to be writing off Blackberry who is one of the oldest players in this space.
RIM created a business capable device to allow users to read email on the move in 2004. The device has evolved since then and is a device that really fits in the needs of users who message a lot on the move.
Essentially it is the memory and the CPU, horse power that differentiates between the phones.
Going through the array of smart phones available in the market today, the feature set offered by all smart phones upwards of Rs.10k price point is more or less identical.

The author works as a senior manager with Cisco


Hemant Samtani
An article by:
Hemant Samtani

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