Why more is less today!

They say less is more. Who are these ‘they’? Where are these people based and what the hell are they talking about?

Nowadays, more is less! Exactly, and let me show you how.

1. Academic Inflation

Remember the days when your grandpa told you stories about how he’s completed only his 10th, or 12th or in average mortal terms, his graduation and still got a decent job, lived a luxurious life and so on?

So, not so long ago, one got a job on the basis of his matriculation certificate, later, as generations changed hands, it inflated to graduation certificate, today, we so many professionals who are underemployed or unemployed. This, my dear friend is academic inflation in its truest, purest form. No wonder, the jobs which require hard-core skills, such as plumbing and carpentry are back in vogue and the people who yield this superpower are minting money!

2. Likes Inflation

My likes I meant Facebook likes. It’s sort of silly but I want you to be apprised of it. The other day, a dear friend while excruciatingly pinching his mobile screen exclaimed in a very disturbingly loud ungentle manly voice, saying, “DUDE!!! My Profile picture has got 300 likes! Whoaaaa!”,  and then put his glasses on, full on Rajni style. [Sorry dude for sharing this ;) ]

How I love getting such people straight, I explained the process of fib algorithms, of how the picture is marketed more and put on peoples screen more often, resulting in more likes. Earlier, 50 likes was the wow, and then 100, today, girls and boys by default garner 500+ likes on the most annoying picture or worldly views!

What I meant to say is that more is less. People need more to be or sustain the same level of happiness. I am seriously tensed about the future of this fad.

3. Professional inflation

Again, assuming that most of us get professional degrees and in the event of there being no job, we’ll at least set up a decent practise, earn a decent living and then die a decent death. Say good bye to decency brother. Practise is n100 times more competitive and with the mushrooming of all types of individual/niche/boutique practitioners, the game has certainly got tougher.

Coming to the point, this being a species of academic inflation, I’ve seen people getting multiple professional degrees, I can’t complain here, being a victim myself, a breeding ground for insecurity!

Phones inflation, Stupidity inflation, Obesity Inflation, what to say! I can go on till the moon and back!

Did someone say monetary inflation! Yay, that’s so interesting and different. Appreciate your rare opinions of wisdumb!

And of course, how can I forget that ‘sacred’ Inflation. One such inflation that nobody would ever like to lose. You get my drift right? Ha-ha!

Till next time,

Stay safe; Stay naughty,

My Witty Retards,


Kunal Kamath Sarpal
An article by:
Kunal Kamath Sarpal
Kunal R. Sarpal, is a Practising Company Secretary, Founder Partner of White Collar Legal LLP. He speaks 6 languages, pursues Law and aspires to be a leading Jurist. Loves discussions & networking. There's a lot more to him & you can reach him on kunal.sarpal@gmail.com or connect with him on Linkedin/ Facebook/ Blog.

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