Would be Wives Weary of cheating Wolves

So friends, we are discussing about how graphology can help us in selecting the right partner. Many a time for some people, it is very difficult to know a person. Few people are so good at manipulating that they can lie through the skin of their teeth and imagine how life would be if you happen to marry such person? Horrible, isn’t it? Especially ladies have fallen victim to such people. Recently, I read in the newspaper that a person who was a peon conned hundreds of girls through a matrimony website. So today I will be giving very important tips to all the women readers (as I have mentioned in the last article that my subsequent articles will be ladies special) and also their parents who are most concerned about their daughter’s future.So let us begin with a very famous, or shall we say, infamous example. You all might have read and heard about Tiger Woods, who is one of the most highly paid golfing celebrities in the world. In addition to this he is also surrounded by lot of controversies because he frequently cheated on his wife. A famous website also mentioned him as ‘serial cheater’. But friends his cheating traits could be clearly made out from his signature.

I have given a sample of his signature. If we observe carefully

The ‘W’ has an upper stroke which reverts back beyond the first stroke of ‘W’. This is often seen in males who cheat on women. So next time all our readers who are marriage aspirants and belong to the fair sex, be very careful and observe the ‘W’ while choosing a right partner so as to ensure that you don’t get an unfair deal in life.

Finally, there will come a question to everyone’s mind that what if the gentleman’s name or surname does not contain a ‘W’, what happens? To find out as they say, ‘Watch this column for more’.

Shyam Banberu
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Shyam Banberu

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